The Sanitray™ Solution
Nex-Gen Antibaterial Defense

We Are Unique
Eliminate Human Error
Decontaminate at a Low Cost

Patented Technology

Sanitray is on the verge of revolutionizing antibacterial defense in multiple industries and currently holds international patents in 6 countries.

Consumer Application

In the United States our Consumer market is 267,593,328 Americans from the age of 19 to 100 and with the desires to protect themselves from a surface bacteria caused infection.


There were 10.8 billion public transportation travels in the United States just last year. Each time we are involved with public transportation we have to make touch contact with surfaces.

We Invite You to Join Sanitray on Our Quest to Make the World a Safer Place

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Revolutionizing the Market

Sanitray™ has worked hard to insure that we are a commercial asset of considerable value on a global scale. Our experience in understanding the true core of a deadly world problem and inventing a low cost solution with patented application opportunities in 216 countries and has allowed us to become the founders of a new industry of life saving products.

  • International Patent Applications

    Opportunities in 216 countries

  • Trademark & Domain Name

    These assets are secured

  • Investment Structured

    Sanitray has begun securing product investment

A Unique Investment Opportunity

Sanitray™ is unique in providing a protective membrane over any high touch surface such as ATM screens, airport ticket kiosk screens, airplane seat trays, door knobs, hand railings, light switches, refrigerators door handles and many more surface items that we come into touch contact on a daily basis.